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The Evolving Status of Live-in Relationships in India: Legal Precedents and the Need for Legislative Reform

A live-in relationship is a type of cohabitation where a couple shares a household, without being legally married. It is a voluntary agreement between the parties involved, although some countries such as The United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada allow registration of such cohabitations. People may opt for a live-in relationship for various reasons

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Uniform Civil Code, A Structured Approach That Incorporates Historical Background, Legal Precedents, Comparative Analysis, And Current Debates

While the whole of Bharat is contemplating whether the implementation of a Uniform Civil Code is feasible or not or whether the draft coming up would be able to accommodate the whole of diversified cultures and practices, it becomes important to dig back into the nitty-gritty of the concept and take a look at its

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AMU Minority Status

The Foundation of The College Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, a 19th-century Muslim reformer, established the Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College (MAO College) in Aligarh in 1877. Through this organisation, he aimed to preserve and carefully balance Islamic beliefs and principles while introducing modern British education to the Muslim community.

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Regulating Coaching Institutes: New Guidelines and Their Impact in India

India is a nation of hopes and dreams, with having the largest population in the world it also has the largest base of young and adult population. These young, aspiring, and desirous minds are filled with endless vivacity to achieve more and more in whatever field they are in.

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