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A writ is specifically a written directive from a court directing the performance of a particular action. Writs also play a big part in the legal system in making sure justice is done. Additionally, when a citizen's fundamental rights are violated, that individual has the right to immediately petition the Supreme Court for the enforcement of his rights, and the Court will issue the proper Writ for doing so.

In India, the Constitution has granted the Supreme Court the authority to issue the Writ in accordance with Article 32 of the Constitution. And, under Article 226, the High Courts of India also have the authority to grant Writs.

Benefit of this Service

Each sort of writ, taken collectively, functions as a crucial weapon within the legal system, supporting the ideals of justice, guaranteeing legal compliance, and defending individual rights. As a result, at Anill Mehta and Partners, we have lawyers who have expertise in drafting writs for the concerned party.

Writs are crucial for protecting individual rights and preserving the harmony between the many branches of the legal system. They also guarantee due process, proper jurisdiction, and protection against the misuse of authority. Without writs, the legal system would find it difficult to defend individual rights and properly resolve complaints.

Additionally, writs give the judiciary the ability to correct mistakes made by lower courts, clarify legal issues, and preserve consistency in the interpretation and execution of laws. Overall, they serve as a safety net, preventing erroneous convictions, arbitrary judgements, and unrestrained authority abuses.

Writs can only be written by judges, courts, and the entities that hold judicial jurisdiction. Writs can only be issued post a judgement is made by the court.

  • Habeas Corpus
  • Mandamus
  • Prohibition
  • Certiorari
  • Quo Warranto

The specific relief act, the land revenue act, civil procedures, and statutory interpretation are other areas of law that our team of attorneys is proficient in. With a strong emphasis on legal issues and a contribution to a just and fair society, we assist our clients in drafting a writ for the following reasons-

  • To help citizens fight for their rights.
  • To make sure that no injustice is served.
  • To give the aggrieved party another option if they do not agree with the decision of higher authority.
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